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Planning is simple with our options

designed for your wedding,


or vow renewal. 

Read over the inspirational offerings below. 

Then, submit the Package Inquiry Form at the bottom of this page. 

It just takes two minutes and it's very helpful in putting a quote together for you.

           We will get back to you with prices and information and lots of kindness. 

  Officiant - We provide a respected Officiant to perform your ceremony. Each couple is responsible for obtaining the license from any County Clerk in Florida and bringing it to the wedding. We will then file the signed marriage license with the Office of the County Clerk.  


  Bamboo Arch - We'll decorate your arch with fabric and fresh flowers. 


 Photography - We are creative and experienced beach event photographers. Basic photography includes shooting just prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony, and following the ceremony on site until you're ready to leave for post-wedding activities. You will receive a shareable online gallery to download for your permanent copy.  You may purchase prints and other photo products via the same gallery to be professionally processed and delivered to your door. 


  Videography – Our Head Videographer is Ann Marie Crouch. owner of AMC Talent. Ann Marie brings her experience and genuine enthusiasm with her to your event. Her friendliness will put you at ease within minutes of knowing her! 


  Flowers - When you include flowers in your package, we design and create bridal arrangements for the wedding, elopement, or renewal couple. 

Give us your colors and style and we'll take it from there. We're entirely hands on and all arrangements are made by our own little selves, personally handling every detail from choosing product to designing the arrangements to delivering them directly to you. 

No need to shop around. Let us provide you with a reasonable quote for any bridesmaids, groomsmen, family. We love to design reception arrangements. We'll deliver for a nominal charge. 


We reserve the right to make substitutions based on

availability and quality of our suppliers’ flowers at the time of ordering.  

In this event, the integrity of the proposed color scheme and style

will be matched as closely as possible and maintained.


  Rose Petal Aisle – Walk on an aisle of rose petals. They're romantically nostalgic and appealing, and Mother Nature takes care of the clean up. Very beach and earth friendly. Artificial petals are not allowed. 

  Flower Circle - A circle represents wholeness, the original perfection. It's the ideal symbolic space to stand within while saying your vows to each other.  Made with greenery and beautiful flower heads. 


  Unity Sand Ceremony – The beach equivalent to the Unity Candle Ceremony, the Sand Ceremony symbolizes the joining of your two lives together which, once joined, cannot be undone.


  White Chairs – White resin chairs are delivered, set up, and removed. Arrangements can be made to keep the ceremony chairs for use at the reception. (If the reception will be held at the wedding site.) 


  Seashell Toss - We'll hand out beautiful seashells to your guests as they arrive. Then, they'll join you both at the water's edge following the ceremony and say a prayer or a wish as everybody tosses their shells into the water at the same time!


  Ceremony Musician – Listen to a guitarist or violinist  play beautiful music for your guests to enjoy just prior to the ceremony, during the ceremony, and afterward for a bit. May we interest you in a first dance on the sand? It's a lovely, romantic photo opportunity and often, guests will slowly join in. So beautiful on the sand.


  Public Address System – We will provide a small P.A. system through which special songs may be played for your ceremony. P.A. is available for use during the ceremony only.  It is important to have your song choices to me at least two weeks prior to your event.  We must be able to secure your song choices through iTunes. We no longer download from any entity other than iTunes. 


  Butterfly Release – According to legend, by making a wish to a butterfly,  the wish will be taken to the heavens to be granted.   The butterflies are handled with meticulous care and will be resting soundly in a cool environment of insulated housing, designed specifically to protect them prior to release. This is a very touching and memorable experience for you and for your guests. (Available between April and October, other months depending upon air temperature. Not available for Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday events.)


  Two Dove Release – A dove-release represents the beginning of a new life together. Doves can be released only during daylight hours to ensure a safe flight home.  Doves are humanely handled by their keeper until release by the couple.


  Consultant – Unlimited personal consultations in person, by email, phone, and text, and includes a rehearsal, if desired. 


  Rehearsal Fee - $85


   "Why Wait to Celebrate Table" - Exclusively Pensacola Beach Weddings™ -  

     When this option is chosen, we'll bring a dressed table decorated with linens and florals to the                                 event site.

     This beautiful table includes champagne on ice and bottled water, along with delicious decadent                            sweets that are just perfect for an easy, but special, celebration.

     And, we won't forget the Capri Suns and chocolate chip cookies for the youngsters!

     We’ll bring it all, including the ice, cups, napkins, and dessert plates for your guests. 

     This is a simple and popular way to have a casual celebration immediately following the ceremony, either as        a light reception or as a pre-reception event.

     Since the Island Authority requires all businesses to have their property removed from the beach by                     dark, we can help you determine the best time for your ceremony to start in order for us to remain                         compliant with these local  laws.     

     Remaining beverages and food are yours to take with you as you leave, of course.

     Quote provided separately from your ceremony package quote.  


Please complete the Package Inquiry Form below

to let us know what you're interested in.

We will get back to you with pricing,

useful information, and lots of kindness.

Should you decide to secure your date with

a deposit, we'll send you further

helpful information along with our thanks.

Please double check with us prior to submitting

your deposit to be sure the date you'd like is still available. 

Dates are held with the first deposit received for that date.

We appreciate the dedication of our Military,
First Responders, and Medical Personnel. 

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