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A little about two generations of our four-generation family business...

Lynas Lajter and Chuck Randle

A note from Chuck...

 I am Chuck Randle, a resident of the Pensacola Beach, Florida area,  Pastor Emeritus of the Pensacola Beach Community Church.  Prior to my ministry here, I served a lengthy pastorate as Senior Pastor of the First Congregational Church (UCC) of West Dundee, Illinois.  Over the years, I have conducted many, many weddings, and there are very few kinds of experiences I have not encountered.  Three things that I am very proud of are these; first, I have a healthy respect for all those who come to me seeking to be married and have developed friendships lasting over the years. Secondly, I have never dropped a ring during the ceremony ;)  and thirdly, I have never mistakenly used the wrong names for the Bride or Groom!


 For credentials, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois; a Master of Divinity from the Evangelical Theological Seminary , Naperville, Illinois (now named Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston); and a Doctor of Ministry from the Bethany Theological Seminary, Oakbrook, Illinois (now located in Richmond,  Indiana).


  There are many beautiful places on the Island that provide memorable settings for that special day in your life.  You may like to dig your toes in the sand, or sit in an air-conditioned church, or enjoy the surroundings of a beautiful park.  Or, you may have other ideas that we're happy to discuss with you.


 We can make all of this happen.  Your inquiries are welcome.

Respectfully, Chuck

    ...and a note from Lynas

Don't just have a wedding on Pensacola Beach;

have it with Pensacola Beach Weddings™ !


 We're a happy family business.  Our family believes that integrity matters in this business as much as in any other and you will see the proof of that in everything we do for you. 


 We don't put on airs for people. Pushiness isn't in our nature. Judgment has no place in our minds. Drama is not allowed. We're helpful and generous with our recommendations regarding anything you want to ask us about. 


 We are good, low-key, kind people. If how we represent ourselves appeals to you, let's plan your event and have fun doing it. 


Let us show you what a genuinely talented, confident, and capable wedding business looks like. 

Happily, Lynas


Have a question for us? 
Get in touch, no strings attached.

Thanks for getting in touch! We'll get back to you with some helpful information and lots of kindness!

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