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I'm Lynas, and this is my dad, Chuck Randle. 

He's the man who started Pensacola Beach Weddings by providing his officiant services on our
beautiful beaches, before providing weddings on the sand became as popular as it is now.
I began working with him several years ago and, with baby steps, we offered more and more, little by little, and here we are, enjoying a successful and busy business of our dreams, 
making other people's dreams come true. 
My son, Joe, his wife, Julie, and their children
all have a hand in this beautiful business. 
Joe has stepped into his grandfather's officiating shoes, and all of us,

along with our other officiants and trusted crew,
bring together 
the design and details of each unique event that we handle.
We work with some of the finest professionals in the Florida panhandle 
who can provide all of the services you might want
before, during, and after your ceremony. 

Lynas Lajter and Chuck Randle

 We're a happy family business.  We believe that integrity matters in this business as much as in any other and you will see the proof of that in everything we do for you. 

We don't put on airs for people.

Pushiness isn't in our nature.

Judgment has no place in our minds.

Drama is not allowed.

We're helpful and generous with our recommendations regarding anything you want to ask us about. 

We are good, low-key, kind people.

If how we represent ourselves appeals to you, let's plan your event and have fun doing it. 

Let us show you what a genuinely talented, confident, and capable wedding business looks like. 

 Happily, Lynas

Have a question for us? 
Get in touch, no strings attached.

Thanks for getting in touch! We'll get back to you with some helpful information and lots of kindness!

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