We admit it. 
We're a little old school. 
We want you to feel seen and heard and treated like the valuable couple you are.
That's why everything we do will be
a reflection of you
and your ideas and style. 
Want us to take the lead and decide? 
Would you rather give us your inspirations
and let us build around those? 
Still done. 
This isn't at all about us; 
it's all about you. 

Pensacola Beach Weddings offers you

two pre-designed packages ~

Extravagance on the Sand, and 

Simplicity on the Sand,

or the option to create a package

that you personally put together.

We provide everything  for your
wedding, elopement, or vow renewal ceremony.
photography packages,
and much more.

We'll guide you through the entire lovely process
with kindness and transparency.
It's fun because we don't follow the crowd, 
we follow your heart. 

Pensacola Beach Weddings Amanda and Chris
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Why choose Pensacola Beach Weddings?

Because we're sure in our experience

and known for our excellence. 


Dates are held on a first-come, first-served basis. No date is held without a deposit. 

Please send me a quick text prior to submitting your deposit so we can be sure the date you want

is still available. 850.293.2457 

Yes, we offer Day of Coordination.

Click here and let's begin planning

Have a question for us?
Get in touch, no strings attached. 


Thanks for getting in touch! We'll get back to you with helpful information and lots of kindness!